Turkish Association for Seismic Isolation
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Turkish Association for Seismic Isolation  Turkish Association for Seismic Isolation


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About Us

Turkish Association for Seismic Isolation (TASI) has been founded in 2006. Among it’s local and international members there are manufacturers, engineering and architectural companies, contractors, academicians, and others who are interested in seismic isolation technologies.

The mission of TASI is to put effort for increasing the awareness and activities of seismic isolation technologies which is an effective way of saving lives and mitigating seismic damages to both structural and non-structural parts of buildings after devastating earthquakes, thus minimizing tangible and intangible losses at both micro- and macro-economic scales.

TASI is a member of ASSISi (Anti-Seismic Systems International Society) which is located in Italy. The ever increasing efforts of TASI includes being the local organizer of the ASSISi 10th World Conference on Seismic Isolation…

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